Improvisation – Durand

Uploading an improvisation I did on a theme that I have fallen in love with (and you will probably hear much more of in the future). Was getting a little lost in my own world when renown pianist and teacher Marc Durand knocks on my door. I was in a room where he had kept some of his belongings and he wanted to access it to retrieve it. You’ll hear us chat for a bit in the audio.

I’ve decided to name this little improv by this chance encounter. enjoy 🙂

Benno’s Barcarolle

It’s not everyday you hear a Chopin Barcarolle interpretation that you never seem to get enough of. Dinu Lipatti’s recording was my childhood favourite – and this, well, it is simply exquisite.

He never takes too much time, it’s always so tasteful. And his colours are out of this world. Boy I wish he was still alive.