Chris @ Nov 2021

I am a pianist aspiring to be a creator in the virtual world, and in order to do that I’m working as co-Host and social media manager at Virtual Concert Halls, and sporadically creating original content on my Instagram (, Youtube (Chris Au piano), and Tiktok (@chrisaupacino)

November 2021 update:
With the lockdowns very much over (for now), I’m struggling to balance work, my piano practice, my own content, organisational work for Church communities, spend time with family, and attend social events. I’ve found that I really do need my own time to watch movies, let my mind wander, and give it space to play. Part of that is making sure I get enough rest, part of that is convincing myself I have time to go for a walk, part of it is spending time with people I can be myself with, and most of it is forcing myself to BE rather than to DO.

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