Chris @ April 2023

I am a pianist aspiring to be a creator in the virtual world, and in order to do that I’m working as co-Host and social media manager at Virtual Concert Halls, and sporadically creating original content on my Instagram (, Youtube (Chris Au piano), and Tiktok (@chrisaupacino)

April 2023:

Less than two weeks before I begin my Artistic Residence at LAMP

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I am incredibly excited to be in residence with artists such as Jane Coop, James Somerville, and Steven Isserlis; playing with and for them will be an extraordinary experience, not to even mention collaborating with various LAMP fellows on concerts. Having said that, I have quite a lot of notes to learn as well as concerts to prepare for, which makes me anxious. But that’s just how it is!

I’m hoping that my collaborations and concerts will open up more doors and connections for the future and that LAMP isn’t just a one-off sort of deal. That depends, of course, on my playing, but also how well I work with others. Simultaneously, I also hope I have the time to record some valuable content with some of these guest artists, that I have time to go on hikes and adventures (especially seeing as I’m renting a car), and that I have time to work on some solo repertoire too.

Because it’s unlike a summer music festival, but also not exactly a chamber music festival where I have set repertoire to perform, it’s difficult to know what this experience will be like, but I’m positive that it’ll be an incredibly rewarding experience.