Throw them to the zombies!

I recently MC’d for a wedding. A covid-19 wedding. What does that mean? It means no dancing, no getting up from your table and mingling with others, and every drink must be ordered with your waiter – no bar service.

I wrestled with the question of how to make something like trivia, fun and entertaining. For that, I had to think outside of the box.

The result was that I conjured up fictional scenarios for the bride and groom to be in and framed the questions around the fictional scenarios. The answers would become evident if one knew the bride and groom well enough. For example, I conjured up a zombie apocalypse scenario that the bride and groom were entrenched in. Now if they could summon a spirit animal to help them fight the zombies, what animal would they choose?

For my Podcast and Instagram Live conversations, I think I want to head into this direction. For two reasons:

  1. A sense of variety. There are already so many podcasts out there and anything that if I can attempt to do a bit differently, think outside of what is already done, I reckon it would be interesting not only for me, but for my guests and audience.
  2. It stimulates the imagination. If I am to do a Podcast aimed at musicians (or anyone, really), and I want to bring in guests that would entertain and inform my audience, I do believe that imagination is a big part of that information and entertainment.

To side track a little, isn’t all forms of entertainment an exercise in imagination? We escape our realities to live and breathe within someone else’s imagination/reality for a while, in hopes it will inspire our own imagination to see and live our own realities better.

I wonder how insightful that really is. Something to think about.

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