Improv Day 4 – Chrysthaneum Terrace

Early in my musical life before I discovered the wonders of Chopin, Schumann and Beethoven, I was heavily influenced by a Taiwanese pop artist by the name of Jay Chou. In hindsight, it’s almost a little embarrassing to admit this, but he was integral in forming what I understood of melody and how to make a good tune. I have to admit, despite what I may think of his music now, he knew how to make a good melody – catchy, musical and with good feeling too. 

This is one of his songs, which I sang with one of my best friends Feng at a karaoke/hot pot restaurant during Chinese New Year. I also know that my parents love Jay Chou’s songs and this is a tribute to that too. I was going for a slight oriental feel in this piece. I hope it comes out okay!

Improvisation Day 2: Twinkle Twinkle

A little while ago I had a really bad dream. I dreamed that one of my closest friends was on their deathbed.

For some reason they had gotten very ill and I was in hospital, kneeling beside them. My friend asked me to sing for her Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before she was to close her eyes forever. And I willingly obliged. I never got to finish the last repeat before she passed on.

Later on, I remember telling another friend of how she had passed away and I woke up with tears streaming down my face. I wept at the thought of the loss of my friend and at the tune that was associated with it.

Since then, there’s been a slightly more personal attachment to this tune than usual.

And so I’ve worked on two improvisations.

I’ve linked Take Two. This was especially inspired after the Andras Schiff Concert, where his Bach Goldberg Variations, Beethoven Diabelli Variations and the last movement of Beethoven Op. 111 completely changed my musical life forever. I felt suspended in space during the Op. 111. It was a spiritual experience.